NP360 Pillow

Today we want to discuss with you the story behind our NP 360 pillow. The advantages it has and why we decided to create it.
As it is well known, in order for a person to be at 100%, he/she cannot be for a long time having sleep problems. Healthy rest allows you to get a boost of energy, good mood and feel the best possible. Under this premise we started to investigate until we found the perfect formula to improve the duration of sleep and the quality of rest, while serving as a bridge to a cervical improvement throughout the day and avoid having to take anti-inflammatory drugs to lead a normal life.

With this dream in mind, we set out with the NP 360 project. The first goal we set for ourselves was to create a unique product, with top quality materials, with an anatomically perfect shape and design, to fit everyone and relieve the weight load on the head, normalize blood circulation and eliminate pain.

We purchase and analyze the best orthopedic sleeping pillows currently on the market. Evaluating and rejecting the distinctive features they provided. Features such as height, stiffness, shape, material for exterior decoration, padding, cost and other points, keeping the strengths of each of them and with that valuable information we set out to design our pillow.

Below we will talk about those strengths we selected.

Pillow shape
We chose the rectangular shape with rounded edges because it allows you to sleep in different positions and we tried to create it with the perfect dimensions to support the entire cervical region and the head.

We conducted a study to determine the positions in which a person is used to sleeping. We were able to observe that if he is on his side, the height indicators should be exactly in accordance with the width of the shoulders: 10-14 centimeters.

It is also worth noting that men need much higher products than women. That is why we decided to create a removable support to be able to level the height of the pillow.

Stiffness parameter
Here it is worth paying attention again to the position in which you sleep. The more rigid characteristics of pillows are suitable for side sleepers, as it is important to pay attention to the cervical region. In the case of sleeping on the back – medium firmness. Under this analysis we perform the different levels of stiffness in our pillow.

Filling characteristics
The filler should be of a product that anatomically adapts to the body, so we reject polyurethane foams, feathers and opt for 100% pure viscoelastic fiber, which has a memory effect, they are considered the best at present. This filling option allows to keep the head in the right position. With use, it will not lose its useful properties and will be useful for a long time.

After all this analysis we started to make trial and error tests for two years, with ourselves, family and friends, improving and polishing the small nuances of design until we got the perfect pillow.

When we thought we had the perfect pillow, we had doubts about whether it was as good as we thought it was. So we decided to take it to a technology center that studies the behavior of people in their relationship with the pillow to put it to the test. The results were spectacular, which encouraged us to create the website and make it available to everyone, so that they could enjoy all its advantages.

It does not disturb the blood flow in the soft tissues.

Perfect support for the head and neck, improving elasticity and avoiding contractures.

Does not provoke the appearance of allergies.

The pillow has memory effect.

Improves sleep