Get to know New Pillow 360

Your rest is our reason for being

Life is too short to worry about certain things like…

Depending on coffee to get you through the day

Feeling physical and mental tension

Having one oversight after another

Suffering back and neck pain

Performing poorly at work

Being tired

That’s why at New Pillow 360 we want to make your life easier

Because we all know that a good day begins with a good night.

Because an adequate rest improves your mental and physical health.

Because being happy is easier than we think.

almohada cervical NP360 + base

Our strengh is the design

At New Pillow 360, we place a high value on sleep and know how important it is to you. That’s why we created our pillow using a smart ergonomic design and the highest quality materials designed to fit your body perfectly.

What moves us is that bedtime is not a nightmare, but the best part of the day.

In addition, the pillow is designed and manufactured in Spain by a Valencian company, with an exclusive and patented design. In this way, when you buy it, you will not only improve your quality of life, but you will also support local businesses, improving the lives of families close to you.

The most important thing for us is you

The NP360 pillow was born from the idea of Raúl and Enrique, two good friends and colleagues who, tired of trying different pillows and not finding one that would allow us to get a good rest, began to investigate until we came up with a design that finally solved our problems. At first we were going to make it exclusively for ourselves, but after thinking it over, we contacted a team of specialist technicians and decided to share it with the world. Thanks to that, the NP360 pillow is revolutionizing the market and is increasingly recommended by traumatologists and physiotherapists.

The best thing about all this is to see how we transform the lives of hundreds of people by offering them the rest they deserve and a full life without worries. Don’t let anything or anyone take away your sleep.

almohada np360
Designed and manufactured in Spain
Improve your mental and physical health
Unique and patented design
Fast and free shipping for Peninsula and the Balearic Islands
Two years warranty